Fist's Elimination Tower has been accepted into the MAGFest Indie Videogame Showcase! Come to MAGFest this January 5-8 and try to reach the top of the latest and most treacherous version of the tower yet.
See you there!

Fist's Elimination Tower is a 2D platformer where you play as a swarm of contestants taking part in an obstacle course game show that will put their jumping skills to the ultimate test (as well as their "not getting crushed by giant fists that emerge from the wall" skills - they get tested a lot too).

Every floor presents a team of precariously placed robot bunnies that you have to jump on in a consecutive chain. Touch the floor at any point during this, and...

These fists will sabotage you many ways - some more direct than others!

Every time that a contestant gets eliminated, they are replaced with a new contestant. Create them yourself, or run the tower as a series of brave, randomly generated souls.

For news and updates about Fist's Elimination Tower, follow me on Twitter. I post in-progress screenshots and videos more frequently there than here. You can also email me via tj ~at~